Collaborative consumption in Southeast Asian cities: Prospects and challenges for environmental sustainability

Collaborative consumption businesses offer an alternative to conventional consumption, by providing shared access to goods, or by offering a service to repla

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Public policy for biodiversity conservation: evaluating outcomes, opportunities and risks

The conservation of biodiversity remains a daunting and complex public policy challenge.

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Night Parrot Stories – A Special Screening

In the remote deserts of Australia lives an elusive bird called the Night Parrot. It disappeared at the end of the 19th Century.

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Open for Enrolment: CCE Course "Will it Rain Tomorrow"

Weather and climate lie at the heart of those major decisions we make on an everyday basis. What should I wear tomorrow? Should I hang out the washing?

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Dr Marta Yebra wins the @Science Academy Max Day Environmental Science Fellowship Award

Two early-career environmental scientists are receiving a boost from the Australian Academy of Science with funding for their projects to enable bushfire ris

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The Role of Traditional Floating Rice Systems

Governments across South-East Asia have programs to intensify rice production but researchers from the Australian National University (ANU), the Research Ass

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Australia's Environment in 2016

Our objective is to make spatial information on environmental conditions easier and faster to access for interested users.

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The Fenner School of Environment & Society is unique in Australia. There are very few places in the world where economists and hydrologists, historians and ecologists, foresters, geographers and climatologists work together on the big environmental problems facing contemporary society.

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