Stemming the slaughter of swift parrots

Introduced predators have wrought havoc on native species worldwide.  Recently, we discovered that introduced sugar gliders are killing from 60-100% of femal

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Swift Parrot Juvenile

Australian Soils Blowing in the Wind

Dust storms, dust hazes or the back paddock blowing, seem to be a part of life for many Australians. But dust is the ‘business end’ of wind erosion.

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Optimised eucalypt domestication: an example using E. cladocalyx, a species for low rainfall environments

Early domestication and tree improvement of eucalypts is typically based on a number of traditional assumptions and techniques.

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David Bush

Short Course December 2014 - Introduction to Environmental Accounting - ENROL NOW

Environmental accounting is increasingly being used to support the development and analysis of government policy.

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Canberra Views

Mapping the Future - Farm Productivity & Soil Fertility

The need to increase farm productivity is very much dependent on maintaining soil fertility.

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ENVS3014/6514 Ecological Assessment and Management Final Class Assessment!

The final class for ENVS3014/6514 Ecological Assessment and Management was held at the

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Professor Lindesay and Associate Professor Brack with the winners.

Global well-being may peak in 2065 if emissions are not controlled

Average global well-being may peak in 2065 if CO2 emissions are not tightly controlled, according to a new sustainability indicator created by ANU

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The Fenner School of Environment & Society is unique in Australia. There are very few places in the world where economists and hydrologists, historians and ecologists, foresters, geographers and climatologists work together on the big environmental problems facing contemporary society.

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