No one is an island

A strong support network is essential for a successful PhD journey but what happens when your research takes you more than 5,000 kilometres away

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Long-term Drivers of Aboveground-Belowground Linkages and Ecosystem Functioning

All terrestrial ecosystems consist of communities of aboveground and belowground organisms, which interact with each other over short time scales, but which

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Talking to Artificial Intelligence: An anthropologist’s perspective

We have been talking about robots and artificial intelligence forever, or so it sometimes seems.

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Using digital tools to improve climate literacy in 12 year olds

An untapped and previously unexplored science communication pathway.

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A new wave of rock removal could spell disaster for farmland wildlife

While not illegal, rock-crushing has massive implications for the populations of native mammals, frogs and reptiles in agricultural areas, writes

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Turning bush rock into farmland

Dr Rob Lesslie: Transforming a legacy into a reality

The Lesslie Endowment provides grants to ANU researc

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Why we are measuring the health of Australian vegetation poorly

New research suggests some Australian ecosystems are more threatened than might be suggested by looking at vegetation loss alone, writes Dr Ayesh

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Cities, housing markets and climate change: a complexity perspective

The world is becoming increasingly urbanized.

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The Fenner School of Environment & Society is unique in Australia. There are very few places in the world where economists and hydrologists, historians and ecologists, foresters, geographers and climatologists work together on the big environmental problems facing contemporary society.

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