Dr Judith Ajani


Career awards

  • ANU VC Media Award for Enhancing the Quality of Public Debate, 2012


Judith is an economist, graduating with honours from the School of Economics, University of Melbourne (1978) and a PhD in resource and environmental management from ANU (2002). She has worked in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Bureau of Industry Economics, Port of Melbourne Authority and the Victorian industry department where she managed manufacturing policy for the Victorian wood based industries. Since entering ANU in 1996, Judith has concentrated her research on building environmentally and economically coherent policy frames for the agricultural sector (notably wood production) recognising the cost-cutting nature of commodity production. Her work is deeply integrative - history, ecology, economics, politics, institutional analysis and policy. Judith used integration to investigate why, despite the existence of a pragmatic solution, Australia has not resolved its forest conflict. Her findings are presented in 'The Forest Wars' (MUP 2007). She is currently working with colleagues on how best to integrate forests in Australia's climate change mitigation policy. Judith is a strong advocate for communicating university research and analysis to enhance public policy debates.


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