Dr Karen Hussey



Ph.D; M.Econ.Sc; B.A (Econ&Pol)


Dr Karen Hussey is a Senior Lecturer at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, at the ANU, where she undertakes research in the field of environmental policy and politics, water resource management, the climate-energy-water nexus, and global environmental governance.

Her most recent publications include a Cambridge University Press book Water Resources Planning and Management (with Prof. Quentin Grafton), and a special issue of the international journal Ecology and Society dedicated to the energy-water nexus (September 2011), and another of the Australian Journal of International Affairs (June 2011).

Karen is Co-Chair of the ANU Water Initiative, Program Director of the ANU-USSC 'AUSCEW' project on climate-energy-water links, Co-Chair of the European-funded, international “Water-Energy Links” (WEL) project, Board Member for the ANU-UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance, and Chief Investigator for an ARC Linkage project on trade and investment relations between Australia and the European Union.

In addition to her research, Karen convenes two courses at the Fenner School: ENVS2013 Society and Environmental Change; and ENVS3028 Environmental Policy. Prior to taking up her position at the Fenner School, Karen was based in Brussels for 3.5 years as The Australian National University Vice Chancellor’s Representative in Europe, where she was responsible for developing the ANU’s research relationships and profile with European research teams and institutions.

Karen has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Melbourne, an M.Econ.Sc from University College Dublin, Ireland, and a B.A (Economics and Politics) from the University of Melbourne.


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