Dr Martin Westgate



I am an ecologist and conservation biologist. I study how scientific information can be used to improve ecosystem management and avoid species extinctions.

My research interests are pretty varied. My background is in quantitative ecology, mainly focussing on the effects of fire or habitat loss on faunal groups (and particularly frogs). More recently, I’ve become interested in research synthesis – i.e. how we can collate information from different locations or ecosystems to make useful generalisations (see my papers in Nature Communications and Ecography). I’ve also studied the process of how scientists conduct reviews, focussing on what we can learn from computer science and linguistics. I won the 2017 Next Generation Ecologist Award for this research in August 2017, to be conferred at the EcoTAS conference in December. Finally, I’m currently part of a team of researchers investigating the utility of ecological surrogates and indicators.


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