Dr Martin Westgate



I am a postdoc at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, working with Professor David Lindenmayer and the Conservation and Landscape Ecology group.  My current research focusses on identifying consistent ways to measure the distribution and trajectory of biodiversity.  My earlier PhD research investigated the effects of historic fires on frog populations at Booderee National Park on the NSW south coast.


Research interests

I am a postdoctoral ecologist and conservation biologist in the Lindenmayer lab. I study how ecosystems respond to natural and human-induced change, with the goal of identifying tractable solutions to conservation problems. My research interests focus on three related fields:

Ecology of disturbed landscapes: My PhD focussed on the effects of fire on frog assemblages in Booderee National Park, on the south coast of NSW. Since then, I have contributed to research on the ecology of disturbed environments such as cities and fragmented woodlands, and on related processes such as military training.

Research synthesis: Collating information from distinct locations and ecosystems is critical to converting environmental science into improved management and policy. I have worked on a number of synthesis projects, including research on adaptive management, animal dispersal, and cross-taxon congruence.

Review methodology: I have a strong interest in the processes that scientists use to collate and synthesize complex information. I am currently working with a range of partners to elucidate the benefits and costs of systematic review, with a view to developing targeted software to overcome key impediments.

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