The Plight of the Leadbeaters Possum

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2 October 2013

ABC Radio National's Off Track travels to the ancient forests of Toolangi, Victoria to get the latest on the Leadbeater’s plight.

The tiny Leadbeater’s possum was once thought to be extinct.   But in 1961 it was rediscovered, and subsequently anointed Victoria’s faunal emblem.  In the wild, Leadbeater numbers continue to be threatened, but a new captive breeding program at Zoos Victoria may well bring back the species from the brink. 

Listen to Joel Werner and Pavel Sraj report and interview:

  • Steve Meacher: Campaigner, Friends of Leadbeater's Possum
  • Rachel Lowry: Director, Wildlife Conservation and Science, Zoos Victoria
  • Professor David Lindenmayer: Australian National University
    The recording is hosted on the ABC Radio National site.

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