Symposium - Untaming the Urban: from post-anthropocentric design to urban ecologies

Wednesday 17 August 2016
Image: Landscape Architecture Daily

An ANU Urban Network initiative in association with Future Earth Australia to foster multi-disciplinary conversation on cross-species cohabitation in our cities, towns and suburbs. Including, how we, other animals, plants and other species use and share these urban spaces.

This symposium aims to encourage a multi-disciplinary engagement in the urban discourse beyond just the traditional urban study areas by considering urban cross-species cohabitation, constructed ecologies and conviviality. The purpose of this symposium is:

  1. Aim: To provide a space for conversation, critic and collective imagining where a range of post-anthropocentric, more-than-human, cross-species and ecological theory related questions can be interrogated and further developed in relation to the urban environment.
  2. Objective: To facilitate a re-imagining of the urban built environment for cohabitation, cross-species conviviality and an expanded notion of everyday life into an ecological scale.
  3. Outcome: To consolidate the symposium's discussion and contributions into an edited book

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Date: Thursday 8th & Friday 9th December 2016

Host: Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU


Dr Viveka Turnbull Hocking (Fenner School, ANU)   - Main contact

Kathy Eyles (Fenner School, ANU)                         

Asst. Prof. Andrew MacKenzie                               

Prof. Xeumai Bai (Fenner School, ANU)                 

Dr. Jeroen van der Heijden (Urban Network, ANU) 

Dr Susan Boden (Landscape Architecture, UC)      

Dr Milica Mumonovic (Architecture, UC )                

Dr Amanda Stuart (School of Art, ANU)                  

ANU Urban Network: The ANU Urban Network (launched 2016) seeks to contribute to the development of ANU urban scholarship, to facilitate excellence in urban research nationally and internationally, and to develop a clear leadership position in contributing to urban policy formulation and debate.

Future Earth Australia:

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