Australian Forest History Series

The Australian Foresty History Series has been digitally published here due to popular demand as the books are no longer published in hardcopy. The publications are the copyright of The Fenner School of Environment and Society, of the Australian National University and may not be reproduced without the permission of the publisher. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of study, research, criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act no part may be reproduced by any process without permission. Enquiries should be made to the publisher. [Note: The PDFs are large files and may take a few minutes to download]

Published by Department of Geography and Oceanography, Australian Defence Force Academy. (Reproduced and digitally published here with permission from ADFA):

  1. Australia's ever-changing forests: Proceedings of the First National Conference on Australian Forest History Edited by Kevin J. Frawley and Noel M. Sample, 1988 (PDF, 21.5MB)

Published by Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, The Australian National University (now The Fenner School of Environment and Society, The Australian National University):

  1. Australia's ever-changing forests II: Proceedings of the Second National Conference on Australian Forest History Edited by John Dargavel and Sue Feary, 1993 (PDF, 16.8MB)

  2. Australia's ever-changing forests III: Proceedings of the Third National Conference on Australian Forest History Edited by John Dargavel, 1997 (PDF, 18.9MB)

  3. Australia's ever-changing forests IV: Proceedings of the Fourth National Conference on Australian Forest History Edited by John Dargavel and Brenda Libbis, 1999 (PDF, 18.7MB)

  4. Perfumed pineries: Environmental history of Australia's Callitris forests Edited by John Dargavel, Diane Hart and Brenda Libbis, 2001 (PDF, 9.8MB)

    This volume presents recent advances in the environmental history of Australia's unique, but little known native cypress pine forests of the endemic genus Callitris. The fifteen species of Callitris span the continent from the tropics, through the semi-arid woodlands to temperate Tasmania. They have survived in Australia for at least a million years. They are famed for their termite-resistant timber and for their aromatic oil. Large areas have been cleared, some areas are being seriously depleted, others are being used for grazing, or are carefully managed in state forests, national parks and nature reserves.

    A Million Wild Acres, written by Eric Rolls twenty years ago, introduced its many readers to the history of the largest of the Callitris forests-the Pilliga in New South Wales. Many scientific investigations and heritage studies have followed in the Pilliga and elsewhere.

    Here, twenty-three papers report the latest research and writing on Aboriginal burning, the ancient pollen record, landscape formation, regeneration and grazing, forest management, the resurgence of koalas, microscopic secrets in the wood, heritage surveys and much more.

    Prepared jointly by the Australian Forest History Society, the Australian National University and Macquarie University, Perfumed Pineries reports a new phase in learning about these fascinating Australian environments.

    ISBN 086740 524 4

    pp. x+209


    1. Palynology of the perfumed pineries of arid South Australia Jon Luly
    2. Callitris and the botanists Sybil Jack
    3. A history of the wood anatomy of Callitris Roger Heady
    4. Dendrochronology of Australian cypress pines John Banks and Ian Pulsford
    5. A new technique in dendroecology using Callitris Mathew Searson and Stuart Pearson
    6. Identifying a white pine-ironbark community from phytoliths Diane M. Hart
    7. Assessing changes in cypress pine forests from old stumps Ian Lunt, David Parker and Wayne Robinson
    8. Stump count analysis of the pre-European Pilliga forests David Paull
    9. Soil, vegetation and landform in Pilliga East State Forest Geoff Humphreys, Elizabeth Norris, Paul Hesse, Diane Hart, Peter Mitchell, Peter Walsh and Russell Field
    10. Pilliga landscapes, Quaternary environment and geomorphology Paul Hesse and Geoff Humphreys
    11. Litterfall and decomposition in a white pine-ironbark community Diane M. Hart
    12. Koala populations in the Pilliga forests Rod Kavanagh and Elizabeth Barrott
    13. Floristic patterns in the Pilliga Doug Binns and Doug Beckers
    14. The 'frontier': Callitris intratropica and landscape change David Bowman
    15. Perfumed pine and the pioneers Bob McKillop
    16. Recent disturbances to Callitris forests in Southern Queensland Mark Harris and David Lamb
    17. Management plans for cypress forests John Dargavel and Margaret Kowald
    18. Calculating sustained yields in New South Wales cypress forests, 1915 to1957 Andrew Deane
    19. A vanishing presence: Queensland forest heritage David Cameron
    20. Disturbance history mapping in New South Wales Pauline Curby, Michael O'Neill, Rhondda O'Neill and Patrick Tap
    21. Regulating Callitris populations: a tale of two pineries James C. Noble
    22. The writing of A Million Wild Acres Tom Griffiths
    23. Perfumed pines: the exploited and the exploiter Eric Rolls
  5. Australia's ever-changing forests V: Proceedings of the Fifth National Conference on Australian Forest History Edited by John Dargavel, Denise Gaughwin and Brenda Libbis, 2002 (PDF, 17.7MB)

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