The Fenner School of Environment & Society was founded in 2007 with the merger of the School for Resources, Environment & Society (SRES) with the Centre for Resource & Environmental Studies (CRES).

SRES Research Reports

CRES Reports

Archival list of past CRES unpublished reports

Please note that copies of these reports may or may not be available, and that the pricing indicated may not be correct as at March 2015. If you are interested in a copy of one of these reports, please contact the Fenner School of Environment & Society for details.


  • M19 Prospects for Australian hardwood forests. (Monograph 19) DARGAVEL, J., AND SHELDON, G. (eds), PB 350p 230x160 July 1986 $20.00 (0867402261) Forestry.
  • O2 Flood warning in Australia: policies, institutions and technology. SMITH, DI., AND HANDMER, JW. (eds), PB 323p 245x175 January 1986 $16.00 (0867402547) Natural disasters.
  • O4 Changing tropical forests: historical perspectives on today's challenges in Asia, Australasia and Oceania. DARGAVEL, J., DIXON, K., AND SEMPLE, N. (ed), PB 456p. 200x145 November 1988 $25.00 (086740342X) Primary Industry.
  • O5 Air pollutants from energy industries: scientific basis of standards and research needs. JAKEMAN, AJ. (ed), PB 183p. April 1989 $13.00 (0867403489) Environment & conservation.
  • O6 Flood insurance and relief in Australia. SMITH, DI., AND HANDMER, JW. (eds), PB 230p 245x175 November 1988 $20.00 (0867403411) Natrual disasters.
  • O7 Prospects for Australian forest plantations. DARGAVEL, J., AND SEMPLE, N. (eds), PB 544p. 230x160 August 1990 $25.00 0867403799) Forestry.
  • O8 Modelling the fate of chemicals in the environment. MOORE, ID. PB 149p. 290x205 August 1991 $15.00 (0867404000) Agdrology.
  • O11 Greenhouse gas sinks Australia. TAYLOR, J. (ed) PB 60p 300x210 February 1992 $10.00 (0867404035) Atmospheric modelling.
  • O12 Developing inventories of greenhouse gas emissions for Australia. TAYLOR, J. (ed) PB 77p 300x210 November 1991 $10.00 (0867404027) Atmospheric modelling.
  • O13 Australian recreational fishing: Policies for resource management. DOVERS, S. (ed), PB 253p. 300x210 March 1992 $25.00 (0867404051) Fisheries & conservation.
  • O14 Towards a conservation strategy for the Australian Antarctic Territory. HANDMER, J., AND WILDER, M. (eds), PB 230p 250x170 May 1993 $25.00 (0967404159) Antarctic.
  • O16 Australia's ever-changing forests II. DARGAVEL, J., AND FEARY, (eds), PB 300p. 250x175 July 1993 $25.00 (0867404175) Forestry.
  • O19 Asia in Antarctica. HERR, RA., AND DAVIS, BW. (eds), PB 232p. 250x180 January 1994 $25.00 (0867404264) Antarctic.
  • O20 Communities, Education and Development. KEEN, M. (ed). PB 130p 300x210 July 1994 $25.00 (0867404035) Sustainable development.
  • O21 Risk of Extinction: Ranking Management Options for Leadbeater's Possum using Population Viability Analysis LINDENMAYER, DB. AND POSSINGHAM, H. PB 204p. 250x180 October 1994 $20.00 (0867404302) Conservation.
  • O23 Risk and Uncertainty in Environmental Management. NORTON, TW, BEER, T. AND DOVERS, SR. PB 238p 210x295 April 1996 $20.00 (0867404450) Conservation.
  • O25 Shame on Us!: Essays on a future Australia. COOMBS, HC. PB 93p 150x210 December 1996 $10.00 (0867404655)
  • O26 Australia's Ever-changing Forests III Dargavel, J. (editor). PB 400p 270 x 190 November 1997 $30.00 (0867404884)
  • O27 Old World Places, New World Problems: Exploring resource management issues in Eastern Indonesia Edited by Sandra Pannell and Franz von Benda-Beckmann. PB 400pp 270 x 190 September 1998 $30.00 (0867405066)
  • O28 Australia's Ever-changing Forests IV Proceedings of the Fourth National Conference on Australian Forest History. Edited by John Dargavel and Brenda Libbis
  • The Biorap Toolbox. A national study of Biodiversity and planning for papua New Guinea. Consultancy report to the World Bank. HA Nix, DP Faith, MF Hutchinson, et al. A4, 48pp May 2000. A$21.50

Resource and Environmental Studies

  • RES1 Antarctica: policies and policy development. (Resource & Environ Studies) HANDMER, JW. (ed), PB 80p 300x210 February 1989. $10.00 (0867403462) ISSN 1032-9331 Conservation Antarctic.
  • RES2 Precision in environmental impact prediction: first national environmental audit, Australia. (Resource & Environ Studies) BUCKLEY, R. PB 79p. 300x210 August 1988 $10.00 (0867403640) 1032-9331 Environment conservation.
  • RES3 Climate change in Australia: environmental, socioeconomic and political considerations. (Resource & Environ Studies) NORTON, T., AND WILLIAMS, O. (eds), PB 85p. 300x210 September 1990 $10.00 (0867403837) Climate.
  • RES4 Australia's role in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction. (Resource & Environ Studies) SMITH, DI., AND HANDMER, JW. (eds), PB 33p 300x210 October 1990 $10.00 (0867403861) Natural disasters.
  • RES6 Disaster reduction for sustainability: World Disaster Reduction Day 1992. (Resource & Environ Studies) HANDMER, JW., AND SMITH, DI. (eds), PB 300x210 33p. May 1992 $10.00 (0867404132) Natural disasters.
  • RES7 Climatic and agricultural drought: payments and policy. SMITH, DI., HUTCHINSON, MF., AND MCARTHUR, RJ. (Resource & Environ Studies) PB 103p. 300x210 September 1993 $10.00 (086740423X) Climate & drought.
  • RES8 Tropical storm surge, damage assessment and emergency planning: A pilot study for Mackay, Queensland. (Resource & Environ Studies) SMITH, DI., AND GREENAWAY, MA. PB 59p. 300x210 March 1994 $10.00 (0867404272) Natural disasters.
  • RES9 World Disaster Reduction Day 1993. (Resource & Environ Studies) HANDMER, JW (ed.) 1994. 35p 300x210 April 1994 $10.00 (0867404280) Natural disasters.
  • RES10 World Disaster Reduction Day 1994. (Resource & Environ Studies) HANDMER, JW (ed). 1995. 47p 300x210 May 1995 $10.00 (0867404329) ISSN 1032-9331
  • RES11 Hazard-Wise Saves Lives 1995. (Resource & Environ Studies) SMITH, DI. (ed). PB 48p 300x200 March 1996 $10.00 (0867404442) ISSN 1032-9331
  • RES12 Organic Farming: A new paradigm. (Resource & Environ Studies) WYNAN, E. PB 58p. 300x200 May 1996 $10.00 (0867304558) ISSN 1032-9331
  • RES13 Economic Assessment of Disaster Mitigation. (Resource & Environ Studies) HANDMER, J. AND THOMPSON, P. PB 27p. 300x200 December 1996 $10.00 (0867404736) ISSN 1032-9331.
  • RES14 **** OUT OF PRINT **** Impact on Australian Broadacre agriculture of widespread adoption of organic farming. WYNEN, ELS. PB. 40p. 300x200 July 1997 $10.00 (0867404833) ISSN 1032-9331.
  • RES15 Innovation of diffusion: information exchange and landholder groups. CARR, ANNA. PB. 60p. 300x200 August 1997 $10.00 (0867404876) ISSN 1032-9331.
  • RES16 Risk management for safer communities: World Disaster Reduction Day, Melbourne 1997. SMITH DI (ed.). PB. 90p. 300x200 July 1998 $10.00 (0867405015)
  • RES17 Urban flooding: greenhouse-induced impacts, methodology and case studies. SMITH DI et al. PB 80p. 300x200 July 1998 $10.00 (0867405031)
  • RES19 The Earth Charter in Australia I. Proceedings of the Inaugural Australian Earth Charter Forum. Edited by Brendan Mackey and Brian Dooley. PB. 144p. 300x200 October 1999 $10.00 (0867405139) ISSN 1032-9331. Hard copy available from CRES, or download PDF file res19.pdf.

CRES Working Papers

  • WP89/2 Algorithms for monotonic functions. (Working Paper) BAYES, T. PB 10p 300x210 June 1989 $9.00 (0867403519) ISSN 0313-7414 Consumer affairs.
  • WP89/4 The economic analysis of public sector forest management using linear programming: an Australian application. (Working Paper) MCKENNEY, DW. AND COMMON, MS. PB 20p 300x210 October 1989 $9.00 (0867403667) ISSN 1033-8446 Environmental economics.
  • WP89/6 Comments on a methodology for Australian national forest inventory. (Working Paper) MACKEY, BG. AND NORTON, TN. PB 6p 300x210 October 1989 $9.00 (0867403705) ISSN 1033-8446 Forestry.
  • WP89/7 Our common future: Australian implications and responses. (Working Paper) DOVERS, S. PB 27p 300x210 October 1989 $9.00 (0867403721) ISSN 1033-8446 Environmental conservation.
  • WP90/1 The promise of the land: sustainable use by Aboriginal communities. (Working Paper) COOMBS, HC., DARGAVEL, J. AND KESTEVEN, J. PB 19p 300x210 March 1990 $9.00 (0867403748) ISSN 1033-8446 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • WP90/2 Melbourne-Sydney land freight transport. (Working Paper) LAIRD, PG. PB 13p 300x210 March 1990 $9.00 (0867403756) ISSN 1033-8446 Transport.
  • WP90/3 A 3-D modelling study of the sources and sinks of atmospheric carbon monoxide. (Working Paper) TAYLOR, JA., ZIMMERMAN, P., ERICKSON, DJ. PB 17p 300x210 November 1990 $9.00 (086740387X) ISSN 0313-7414
    Atmospheric modelling.
  • WP90/4 Optimal extraction of small-scale surface water storage for irrigation and other uses in Asia. (Working Paper) MAHENDRARAJAH, S., JAKEMAN, AJ., WARR, PG. PB 16p 300x210 November 1990 $9.00 (0867403888) ISSN
    0313-7414 Hydrology.
  • WP91/1 Wind-down and closure: Local economic development and governance options in the mining towns of Western Tasmania. (Working Paper) NEIL, CC. AND LEA, JP. PB 51p 300x210 July 1991 $9.00 (0867403985) ISSN 0313-7414 Economics.
  • WP92/1 The future of native forest logging in Australia. (Working Paper) CLARK, J. PB 25p 300x210 March 1992 $9.00 (086740406X) ISSN 0313-7414 Forestry.
  • WP92/2 Chemical fate models for hazard assessment in Australia. (Working Paper) GALLANT, JC. AND MOORE, ID. PB 146p 300x210 April 1992 $9.00 (0867404078) ISSN 0313-7414 Hydrology.
  • WP92/3 Australian road vehicle use and rail alternatives. (Working Paper) LAIRD, PG. PB 10p 300x210 April 1992 $9.00 (0867404086) ISSN 0313-7414 Transport.
  • WP92/5 Misperceptions about recurring vulnerability in disaster prone areas: implications for outside intervention. (Working Paper) WINCHESTER, P. PB 16p 300x210 September 1992 $9.00 (0867404108) ISSN 0313-7414 Natural disasters.
  • WP92/6 Community participation in water quality monitoring: the case of Water Watchers. (Working Paper) CARR, A. PB 61p 300x210 October 1992 $9.00 (0867404116) ISSN 0313-7414 Conservation landcare.
  • WP93/2 Community involvement in landcare: The case of Downside. (Working Paper) CARR, A. PB 85p 300x210 June 1993 $9.00 (0867404167) ISSN 0113-7414 Conservation landcare.
  • WP93/3 Liability on Ice: Environmental Damage and the Antarctic Madrid Protocol. (Working Paper) WILDER, M. PB 51p 300x210 July 1993 $9.00 (0867404205) ISSN 0313-7414 Antarctica.
  • WP93/6 A quantitative approach to identifying forest management zones for the conservation of Leadbeater's Possum Gymnobelideus leadbeateri in timber production montane ash forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria. (Working Paper) LINDENMAYER, DB., DONNELLY, CF. AND CUNNINGHAM, RB. PB 10p 300x210 September 1993 $9.00 (0867404221) ISSN 0313-7414 Conservation
  • WP93/7 Catchment Co-management: The case of the Mitchell River Watershed Management working group. (Working Paper) CARR, A. PB 77p 300x210 December 1993 $9.00 (0867404248) ISSN 0313-7414 Conservation/Landcare.
  • WP95/1 Understanding Sustainable Development: A policy oriented guide to the idea and its application. (Working Paper) DODDS, S. PB 41p 300x210 February 1995 $9.00 (0867404310) ISSN 0313-7414 Sustainability.
  • WP95/2 Forest management and the retention of trees for the conservation of hollow-dependent fauna. (Working Paper) GIBBONS, P., AND LINDENMAYER, DB. PB 42p 300x210 July 1995 (0876404337) ISSN 0313-7414 Forest
  • WP95/3 Edible birds' nest swiftlets and CITES: A review of the evidence of population decline and nest harvesting effects. (Working Paper) ER, KENNETH BH., VARDON, MICHAEL J., TANTON, MICHAEL T., TIDEMANN, CHRISTPOPHER R. AND WEBB, GRAHAME JW. PB 79p 300x210 November 1995 $9.00 (0867404396) ISSN 0310-7414
  • WP96/1 The importance of stand structure in off-reserve forest wildlife conservation: a case study from the Victorian Mountain Ash forests. (Working Paper) LINDEMAYER, DB, AND FRANKLIN, JF. PB 16p 300x200 March 1996 $9.00
    (0867404428) ISSN 0313-7414
  • WP96/2 Pixels in the big picture: Farm plans, rural landscapes and livelihood. (Working Paper) CAMPBELL, A. PB 16p 300x200 April 1996 $9.00 (0867404469) ISSN 0313-7414
  • WP96/4 Land literacy in Australia: Landcare and other new approaches to inquiry and learning for sustainability. (Working Paper) CAMPBELL, A. PB 14p 300x200 April 1996 $9.00 (0867404485) ISSN 0313-7414
  • WP96/8 Applicability of aspects of Aboriginal culture to design principles for Australia's capital. (Working Paper) KESTEVEN, S. PB 99p 300x200 June 1996 $9.00 (0867404590) ISSN 03137414
  • WP96/9 'Forest plantations of Australia' by James et al, Department of Forestry, Australian National Unicversity: A critique by Judy Clark. (Working Paper) CLARK, J. PB. 18pp 300x200 July 1996 $9.00 (0867404604)
  • WP97/1 Aspects of ecologically sustainable forestry in temperate eucalypt forests: Bryond an expanded reserve system. (Working Paper) LINDENMAYER, DB. PB 10p 300x200 Februray 1997 $9.00 (0867404752) ISSN 03137414
  • WP97/2 The performance of prescriptions employed for the conservation of hollow-bearing fauna: implications for the Comprehensive Regional Assessment process. (Working Paper) GIBBONS, P. AND LINDENMAYER, DB. PB 22p
    300x200 March 1997 $9.00 (0867404770) ISSN 03137414
  • WP97/3 Montane ash and associated cool temperate rainforest environments in South-east Australia: a bibliograohy. (Working Paper) INCOLL, RD., LINDENMAYER, DB., MACKEY, BG., GILL, AM., McCARTHY, MA. AND MULLEM, IC. PB 78p 300x200 April 1997 $9.00 (0867404787) ISSN 03137414
  • WP97/4 The response of arboreal marsupials to context: a large-scale fragmentation study at Tumut, southeastern Australia. (Working Paper). LINDENMAYER DB, CUNNINGHAM RB, POPE ML, DONNELLY CF, NIX HA, AND INCOLL PB 40p 300x200 August 1997 $9.00 (0867404841) ISSN 03137414
  • WP97/5 Global change abd the Australian ski industry: impacts and adaptation. (Working Paper) KOENIG, U. PB 42p 300x200 September 1997 $9.00 (0867404906) ISSN 03137414
  • WP97/6 Counting birds in forests: a comparison of observers and observation methods. LINDENMAYER, DB, et al. PB 40p 300x200 October 1997 $9.00 (0867404914) ISSN 03137414
  • WP98/1 A large-scale experiment to examine the effects of landscape context and habitat fragmentation on terrestrial mammals. LINDENMAYER, DB, et al. PB 40p 300x200 March 1998 $9.00 (0867404981) ISSN 03137414
  • WP98/2 Indicators for biodiversity for sustainable forest management. LINDENMAYER, DB, et al. PB. 30p 300x200 March 1998 $9.00 (086740499X) ISSN 03137414
  • WP98/3 Managing unreserved fiorest land for biodiversity conservation: the importance of the matrix. LINDENMAYER DB and FRANKLIN JF. 40p 300x200 July 1998 $9.00 (086740504X) IISSN 0313 7414
  • WP99/1 The distribution of birds in a fragmented forest landscape. (Working Paper) LINDENMAYER, DB. et al. 48 p 300x200 August 1999. $9.00 (86740 5104) ISSN 0313 7414
  • WP00/1 Spatial anatomy of two weed invasions. By DB Lindenmayer and MA McCarthy. March 2000. $9.00 (86740 519 8) ISSN 0313 7414

East Kimberley Working Papers

no longer available - please contract ANU Library or National Library)

  • EK1 East Kimberley impact assessment project: Project description and feasibility study. (Working Paper) PB 22p 300x210 October 1985 $9.000 (0867401818) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK2 The East Kimberley region: research guide and select references. (Working Paper) DILLON, MC. PB 17p 300x210 October 1985 $9.00 (0867401826) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK3 Aborigines and the Argyle Diamond Project: Submission to the Aboriginal Land Inquiry. (Working Paper) CHRISTENSEN, W. PB 61p 300x210 January 1986 $9.00 (0867402024) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK6 A preliminary account of the ethnobotany of the Kija people of Bungle Bungle outcamp. (Working Paper) NH. SCARLETT. PB 326p 00x210 February 1986 $9.00 (0867402059) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK7 An Aboriginal economic base: Strategies for remote communities Extract from the report of the Committee of review of aboriginal employment and training programs. (Working Paper) PB 69p 300x210 November 1985 $9.00 (0867401907) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK8 A preliminary indication of some effects of the Argyle Diamond Mine on Aboriginal communities in the region: A report to the Kimberely Land Council and the National Aboriginal Conference. (Working Paper) DIXON, RA., ELDERTON, C., IRVINE, S., AND KIRKBY, I. PB 40p 300x210 September 1993 $9.00 (0867402032) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK9 Structural change in Wyndham. (Working Paper) DILLON, MC. PB 29p 300x210 February 1986 $9.00 (0867402040) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK12 The health of Kimberely Aborigines: A personal 15-year perspective. (Working Paper) GRACEY, M. AND SPARGO, RM. PB 23p 300x210 November 1986 $9.00 (0867402687) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK15 Guidelines for research into social impacts deriving from Non-Aboriginal developments on Aboriginal land (Working Paper) KESTEVEN, S. PB 52p 300x210 February 1987 $9.00 (0867402776) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK16 Conservation priorities in North-Western Australia. (Working Paper) DAVIES, RJ-P. PB 32p 300x210 March 1987 $9.00 (0867402822) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK17 Social impact assessment bibliography. (Working Paper) CRAIG, D. PB 14p 300x210 September 1987 $9.00 (0867403020) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK18 The potential for reduced dependency at Aboriginal communities in the East Kimberely region. (Work Paper J. C. ALTMAN. PB 19p 300x210 August 1987 $9.00 (0867403012) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK19 The economic impact of tourism on the Warmun (Turkey Creek) community East Kimberely. (Working Paper) ALTMAN, JC. PB 65p 300x210 September 1987 $9.00 (0867403039) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK21 Aboriginal cattle stations in the East Kimberely: Communities or enterprises. (Working Paper) YOUNG, E. PB 79p 83p 300x210 January 1988 $9.00 (0867403241) Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK22 Aboriginal community representative organisations: Intermediate cultural processes in th Kimberely region, Western Australia. (Working Paper) SULLIVAN, P. PB 61p 300x210 January 1988 $9.00 (086740325X) ISSN 0861-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK23 The effect of public sector activity on Aborigines in the East Kimberely Part II: Aboriginal Communities in the Kimberely. (Working Paper) BOLGER, A. PB 36p 300x210 December 1987 $9.00 (086740308X) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK24 Pre-settlement intrusion into the East Kimberely. (Working Paper) CLEMENT, C. PB 46p 300x210 June 1988 $9.00 (0867403268) ISSN 0813-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK26 Community-Based illness in Kimberely Aborigines (Working Paper) GRACEY,M., GUNZBURG, S.,AND SPARGO, RM. PB 19p 300x21 May 1989 $9.00 (0867403500) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK27 Community social impact assessment a cumulative study in the Turkey Creek area, Western Australia. (Working Paper) ROSS, H. PB 103p 300x210 July 1989 $9.00 (0867403551) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK28 Impact stories of the East Kemberely (Working Paper) ROSS, H. PB 129p 300x210 July 1989 $9.00 (086740356X) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK29 Historical notes relevant to impact stories of the East Kimberely. (Working Paper) CLEMENT, C. PB 37p 300x210 July 1989 $9.00 (0867403578) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK30 The legal framework affecting Aboriginal people in the East Kimberely. (Working Paper) BOER, B. PB 85p 300x210 July 1989 $9.00 (0867403586) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK31 The development of social impact assessment in Australia and overseas and the role of indigenous peoples (Working Paper) CRAIG, D. PB 83p 300x210 August 1988 $9.00 (0867403594) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK32 Argyle social impact group (ASIG): issues for review, (Working Paper) ROSS, H. AND JOHNSON, J. PB 16p 300x210 August 1988 $9.00 (0867403624) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.
  • EK33 Summary of finding and recommendations ethnography of the East Kimberely work in progress: Location and status of Aboriginal communities (Working Paper) WILLIAMS, NM AND KIRKBY, I. PB 42p 300x210 August 1988 $9.00 (0867403632) ISSN 0816-6323 Aboriginal people & issues.

Fundamental Questions Papers

  • FQP1 The fundamental questions program and its conceptional basis. (Working Paper) BOYDEN, S. PB 13p. 300x210 March 1990 $7.50 (0867403780) Sustainability.
  • FQP2 From growth to sustainability: implications of the Swedish experience. (Working Paper) BIRRELL, R. PB 12p. 300x210 August 1990 $7.50 (0867403829) Sustainability.
  • FQP3 Evolution of Societal values compatible with ecological sustainability. (Working Paper) BELLETT, AJD. PB 54p. 300x210 August 1990 $12.00 (0867403810) Sustainability
  • FQP4 Ecological sustainability, deep environmental ethics and Tao: a preliminary conjuction. (Working Paper) BENNETT, D. PB 16p. 300x210 November 1990 $9.00 (0867403896) Sustainable development.
  • FQP5 Values for sustainability: the necessity of transcendence and sacred realms. (Working Paper) COCK, P. PB 10p. 300x210 May 1991 $7.50 (0867403977) Sustainability.
  • FQP6 Environmental management and the political philosophy of trust. (Working Paper) MCDONELL, G. PB 10p. 300x210 January 1991 $7.50 (086740390X) Sustainable development.
  • FQP7 Aborigines, values and the environment. (Working Paper) PALMER, K. PB 11p 300x210 January 1991 $9.00 (0867403918) Aboriginal people & issues. FQP8 How green is my mallee: changing Australian attitudes to their land. (Working Paper) ROBERTS, B. PB 19p. 300x210 January 1991 $7.50 (0867403942) Environment.
  • FQP9 Energy options for sustainability. (Working Paper) DOVERS, S. PB 103p 300x210 February 1991 $15.00 (0867403950) Sustainable development.
  • FQP10 Future health: towards a sustainable Australia. (Working Paper) BROWN, V., AND BARNES, F. (eds), PB 120p. 300x210 July 1991 $15.00 (0867403993) Health. FQP11 Social structures for sustainability. (Working Paper) COCK, P. PB 129p. 300x210 April 1991 $15.00 (0867403969) Sustainability.
  • FQP12 Sustainability and the built environment: Interpretation and strategies. (Working Paper) ROSS, H., DOVERS, S., SEXTON, M. AND RODGER, A. PB 23p. 300x210 $15.00 (NO ISBN) Sustainability.

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