Recent books

Protected Area Governance and Management

Editors: Graeme L. Worboys, Michael Lockwood, Ashish Kothari, Sue Feary and Ian Pulsford

PAGM briefing note

Book Cover:  Understanding Human Ecology

Understanding Human Ecology

A systems approach to sustainability

We are facing hugely complex challenges – from climate change to world poverty, our problems are part of an inter-related web of social and natural systems.

Strata: deserts past, present and future

The Strata project stems from an assumption that environment management is the art and science of accommodating all perspectives for the best possible outcome for a particular place. By focusing on a single location, it is possible to combine several methods that together provide different evaluations of multiple values that can inform and enrich management practice.

Book:  The Human Capacity for Transformational Change

The Human Capacity for Transformational Change

Harnessing the collective mind

Pressures for transformational change have become a regular feature of most fields of human endeavour.

Handbook of Disaster Policies and Institutions

Handbook of Disaster Policies and Institutions - Improving emergency management and climate change adaptation

John Handmer and Stephen Dovers

Disasters both natural and human-induced are leading to spiralling costs in terms of human lives, lost livelihoods and damaged assets and businesses.

Science and Hope - A Forest History

Science and Hope - A Forest History

John Dargavel and Elisabeth Johann

This book tells the story of the hopeful science and trusting art of forestry.

It is a story about the hopes of foresters and other scientists to understand the forests more deeply, and about their unspoken trust that their knowledge could ensure an enduring sylvan future.

Accommodating Australians - Commonwealth Government Involvement in Housing

Patrick N Troy AO

Accommodating Australians explores the rise and fall of public housing during a prolonged period of generous Government support for home ownership while forcing the poor to pay more for their accommodation.

Booderee National Park Book

Booderee National Park - The Jewel of Jervis Bay

David Lindenmayer, Christopher MacGregor, Nick Dexter and Martin Fortescue

Discover why Booderee National Park is a special part of Australia’s natural heritage.

Book Cover Fairness and Justice in Environmental Decision Making

Fairness and Justice in Environmental Decision Making - Water Under the Bridge

Catherine Gross


By crossing disciplinary boundaries, this book uniquely connects theories of justice with people's lived experience within social conflicts over resource sharing.

Biodiversity and Environmental Change book cover

Biodiversity and Environmental Change

Monitoring, Challenges and Direction

Edited by David Lindenmayer & Emma Burns, Fenner School ANU; Nicole Thurgate & Andrew Lowe, University of Adelaide.

This data-rich book demonstrates the value of existing national long-term ecological research in Australia for monitoring environmental change and biodiversity.

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