A decision support system for water quality improvement in Myall, Smith and Wallis Lakes

In 2002, the Australian Government initiated a national programme (the Coastal Catchment Initiative [CCI]) which aimed to improve the management of coastal catchments. The Great Lakes region of New South Wales, Australia, was selected CCI projects.

The region includes the Myall Lakes, Smiths Lake and Wallis Lake catchments which support a large number of native plant and animal species, including several endangered and vulnerable species. The lakes support local tourism, oyster farming, prawning and fishing industries, and agricultural activities.

Maintaining good water quality in these lakes is vital to their long term ecological health and the sustainability of the economies they support. Threats to the health of the lake ecosystems are mainly nutrient and sediment inputs from urban, industrial and agricultural land uses in the catchments.

As part of the Great Lakes CCI, the ANU developed the CAPER decision support system (DSS) to explore how the health of the lakes might improve with better management of their catchments.


October 2006 to June 2008


This project was majority funded by the Australian Government through the ‘Natural Heritage Trust’.


The Great Lakes CCI was managed by the Great Lakes Council and involved representatives from government, industry, landholder and research organisations as well as members of the community. Dr Tony Weber (WBM-BMT) (http://au.linkedin.com/in/tonyrweber)

Tony is the National Practice Leader - Water Quality at BMT WBM Pty Ltd. He lead the team responsible for the development of the urban water quality models for the Great Lakes CCI. He has continuing relationship with iCAM though other water quality projects and his role with the Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (MSSANZ).

Dr Rebecca Kelly (rebecca@isnrm.com.auhttp://www.isnrm.com.au/)
Rebecca was the project manager for the ANU component of the Great Lakes CCI. After leaving the ANU in 2008, she started isNRM Pty Ltd to provide advice on natural resource assessment and management issues to policy, community or other decision-making audiences. She continues to work closely with iCAM staff.


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