Dune tops and roadsides at large distances from conservation parks

Joel Williams' honours project at Flinders University was supervised by Don Driscoll (ANU), Michael Bull (Flinders Univ), and Louisa Halliday (DEH SA). 

Specific Aims

  1. To determine which reptile species can or cannot use dune-top remnants at distances of up to 10km from large mallee remnants.
  2. To determine if roadside vegetation between dune tops may act as connecting habitat for dune-dwelling species of reptiles and plants.
  3. To describe the impact of dune-top condition on the animal and plant species present.

The replicated design includes sites in swales and dunes in conservation parks, in swales on roadsides, on adjacent dunes connected to the swales and on dunes that are not connected to roadside vegetation.

This project fills in important knowledge gaps about the value of linear remnants for achieving the goals of Naturelinks (SA Dpt Environment and Heritage), taking the WildCountry approach.

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