Social and aesthetic values

The scoping workshop held in April 2008 produced a number of observations that support the need to understand the way that working landscapes are viewed and valued by those who manage them. Participants spoke about the many meanings embodied in multi-purpose landscapes like farms: economic, ecological, aesthetic and cultural. Much of this equation is social, and although there are connections between social drivers of vegetation management behaviour and environmental and financial ones, they also can operate quite independently. Ecologically healthier landscapes may not be the ones judged most aesthetically pleasing, for instance, nor are landholders automatically interested in modifying some aspect of the landscape an ancestor created, simply because of potential financial gains. This project is designed to explore such relationships for the Upper Lachlan grazing landscapes.


This project was funded by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (Australian Goverment), 2008-2010.

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