Landscapes, water & biodiversity

Increasingly, research and management of ecosystems must integrate across sectors and issues, as evidenced in the emergence of integrated catchment management, biodiversity protection across tenures, and multiple use management of forest resources. The Fenner School undertakes research in landscape sciences, and prepares its graduates to be professional natural resource managers with expertise in (eg):

  • Fire science and management
  • Forest science and management
  • Landscape ecology and conservation biology
  • Landscape evolution and soils
  • Water science and management.


Tree rings tell a 400-year-old story

The cold, snowbound alps of south-eastern Australia might seem an unlikely place to research climate change. However, one scientist believes that...

Dust storms and eroding landscapes

The sky was a deep red hue. Dust from Australia’s barren ‘red centre’ had blown across and blanketed much of the continent’s east coast, including...

Going South for the Summer

Long-distance travel lets species track comfortable climates
Many birds migrate each year to avoid the harshest cold of winter and hottest heat of summer. Globally, on longer time scales, most other animals and...

Saving homes, saving lives

Bushfires are a natural part of the environment. They have a positive impact on many ecosystems, with plants having evolved to regenerate and...

Small ‘eco-engineers’ return to the mainland

A small ‘kangaroo-rat’ called the Eastern Bettong (Bettongia gaimardi) was once widespread in south-eastern Australia. Predators such as foxes and...

Sustainable farms

The isolated paddock tree is an iconic image of rural Australia. Such trees provide more than just visual appeal. They will not last forever, however...

The survival of Leadbeater's Possum

To read New Restoration Forest Management Prescriptions to Conserve Leadbeater’s Possum and Rebuild the Cover of Ecologically Mature Forest in the...


Associate Professor Cris Brack from the Fenner School writes on the Forestry Masters programs at the Fenner School, for The Forester - a publication of the Institute of Foresters...

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