Affiliates Seminar

The Affiliates' Seminar Series presents three talks by distinguished members on the theme of Contemporary perspectives in vegetation science.

Join us on campus in the Frank Fenner Seminar Room or online via zoom.


Sue McIntyre - Tree thinning for biodiversity: rationale and reality

Sue will consider why tree removal might be a useful tool in the management of eucalypt grassy woodlands and dry sclerophyll forest. She will present a method for managing tree regrowth in previously cleared pastoral landscapes now being managed for conservation.


Mark Lonsdale - Plant invasions as a human problem with human solutions

Mark will be looking at plant invasions as a threat to biodiversity and livelihoods and exploring ways of mitigating their impact.


Pat Werner - Tree population dynamics and biome physiognomy

Pat's expertise is plant population and community ecology, especially in successional and disturbed systems. Pat will examine canopy tree population dynamics in the open forest of Kakadu National Park. She will then discuss how knowledge of individual tree behaviour under various conditions can be used to predict the future structure of these savanna woodlands given various fire regimes.