Fenner Affiliates Seminar Series: Resilience theory and its application

If you'd like to join us online via zoom for the webinar, please register here.

The Affiliates Seminars are an occasional series of events intended to showcase the diversity of research interests and activities of Fenner's many visiting researchers, honorary staff and emeriti. They are intended to provide an opportunity for affiliates to engage with staff, students and each other and so help contribute to the life of the Fenner School. The theme of this seminar, resilience science and practice, is the second in the series after a long hiatus. The topic of resilience has a long history in Canberra and has made an enormous impact worldwide on how we conceptualise and research aspects of social-ecological systems. Both speakers are founder members of and fellows of the Resilience Alliance and bring a depth of knowledge and experience on systems thinking and resilience - what it is and what it is not.

About the Speakers:
Dr Brian Walker and Dr Nick Abel, facilitated by Dr Sue McIntyre

Brian Walker - Resilience science and practice
Brian Walker was born in Zimbabwe, did his Ph.D. in Canada, was a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, became a Professor at the University of Witwatersrand, then Chief of CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology, and is now a Research Fellow in CSIRO and an Honorary Professor at the Fenner School, ANU and a fellow of various academies.

Nick Abel - Resilience theory - an application in climate activism
Nick is an interdisciplinary scientist who works on ways to understand and influence change in social-ecological systems. His recent work is on economic and climatic change on Australia’s coast and in the Murray-Darling  Basin which builds on his research on human-wildlife-ecosystem interactions and dynamics of pastoral systems. Nick's understanding of social-ecological change has been deepened by observation of radical change in southern Africa, the UK and Australia which has guided his climate activism, for which he was jailed in 2021. Nick was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Kenya, and has worked in Ethiopia, Botswana, Somalia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Australia. Past employers are the CSIRO, the Universities of Canberra and East Anglia, the International Livestock Centre for Africa, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Zambian National Parks and Wildlife Service, and British Voluntary Service Overseas. Nick, like Brian, is a founder member and fellow of the Resilience Alliance https://www.resalliance.org