HDR Symposium



Friday 11 September 2020

08:30  –  09.00           Isobel Bender (PhB research project presentation moderated by Jamie Pittock)
Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjust Mechanism projects
09:00  –  09.30           Aaron Midson (presentation moderated by Jamie Pittock)
Doubling Renewables: Review of Policy Approaches for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
09.30  –  10.00           James Latimer (Final Presentation moderated by Craig Strong)
Aqueous nitrogen dynamics in irrigated cropping systems
10.00  –  10.30           CANCELLED
10.30 - Break


11.00  –  11.30           Claudia Munera (Midterm Seminar moderated by Lorrae von Kerkhoff)
 Narratives of adaptation for future-oriented conservation
11.30  –  12.00           Aaron Tang (Midterm Seminar moderated by Katherine Daniell)
Climate Engineering: Innovation, Politics, and the Future
12.00  –  12.30           Edwina Fingleton Smith (Final Presentation moderated by Jack Pezzey)
Shining a light on energy access and development: A Kenyan case study

12.30 - Lunch Break  

13.00  –  13.30           Penny Godwin (Midterm Seminar moderated by Sara Beavis)
Catchment hydrology in the Wet Dry Tropics, an east Indonesia case study
13.30           On the Verge of Isolation (a creative reflection video presention by Libby Robin)
14.00 - Break


14.30  –  15.00           Hong Xu (Midterm Seminar moderated by Jamie Pittock)
'Sustainability' of what, for whom? Evidence from China's environmental governance
15.00  –  15.30           Peter Jupp (Final Presentation moderated by Saul Cunningham)
Energy, Energy Balance, Complexity and Health 
15.30  –  16.00           Rahena Rannu (Thesis Proposal Review moderated by Barry Croke)
Salinization in groundwater of coastal aquifer under future climate change