HDR Symposium - day 2

Higher Degree Research Symposium

Thursday 24 June 2021:

2.10                     Welcome back


2:15  –  2.45               Neil Sutherland

Criteria-based landform, agriculture and water resource assessment to help courts determine land-use conflicts

(Mid term Review moderated by Sara Beavis)


2.45  –  3.15               Rachael Gross

Finding the ecological balance between African elephant conservation, climate change and community-based management.

(Mid term Review moderated by Rob Heinsohn)


3.15                    Break


3.30  –  4.00               Matt Gale

Applications of LiDAR for fire fuel assessment in Australian forests

(Mid term Review moderated by Geoff Cary)


4.00  –  4.30               Gianluca Scoretechini

Global dynamics of Live Fuel Moisture Content

(Mid term Review moderated by Marta Yebra)


4.30  –  5.00               Tony Boston

The application of deep learning neural networks to Australian land cover mapping

(Mid term Review moderated by Luigi Renzullo)