Information Session - Hydropower and GHG emissions in the Mekong

Interested in the future of hydropower in the Mekong River Basin?

Experts from around the world will be presenting on land use changes, sedimentation, direct and indirect GHG emissions, and much more. Register to gain access to pre-recorded seminars on a range of topics, and to attend a facilitated live Q&A session with the presenters.


Mathias Kondolf - sediment deposition – UC Berkley

Rafael Schmitt -sediment transportation - Stanford

Hong Xu - Upper Mekong - ANU

David Dumaresq - hydropower development and agricultural trade-offs - ANU

Mark Howden - land use change and carbon fluxes - ANU

Sarah Milne - landscape transformation - ANU

Rafael Almeida - conceptual modelling of hydropower GHGs - Cornell

Penny Beames - hydropower identification mapping for river conservation – McGill

Matti Kummu/Timo Räsänen - GHGs from hydropower stations – Aalto Univeristy