Lessons Learned During a Career in Research

This lecture is based on personal and professional lessons learned during a 50-year career by Prof. Patricia (Pat) Werner as a field ecologist, academic, and public servant, and where she was almost always the only woman in the work place. It is aimed at early to mid-career researchers interested in learning techniques and methods of career development in research and professional fields. Prof. Werner recently gave this seminar at a federal government department in Canberra, at their request, and at the Charles Darwin University.  The response from the women and men in attendance was extremely positive, with much follow-up discussion and action. The seminar first sets the scene where societal and work place issues changed about every decade, from 1960 to today, then presents several scenarios (many humorous) with lessons learnt and applicable today, and presents professional tips on career advancement, being effective, networking, being heard as well as being seen, and finally, one basic lesson on professional requests including "how to ask for anything using one page of page--and getting it" (she successfully asked for $6M using this format).

About the Speaker
Prof Werner's career spans 40 years as an academic scientist in three universities during which time she also served as Chair of a Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, as an instructor in a national leadership training school, and as the chair of a standing committee on ecology, fisheries and wildlife of NASULGC, a national organization of 70 public universities (USA). She has also held senior executive positions in government institutions, including Senior Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO and Director of the CSIRO Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre in Darwin, and Director of the Division of Environmental Biology at the National Science Foundation (USA).Today, Pat is an Emeritus Professor (University of Florida) and an Honorary Professor at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University.