Online Seminar - 'Taking Fire Danger Rating in Australia into the future - Defining a Research Prototype'

In this presentation, Jenn Hollis will discuss the background to fire danger rating in Australia, some of the limitations of current systems and important characteristics and requirements as we move forward into the next era.

Jenn will describe development of the Research Prototype for the Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) and the framework for defining fire danger rating based on thresholds established around points in a fires management where fire behaviour, operational responses and strategies are different and/or have different consequences.

The framework pairs fire danger rating categories with descriptions of: (1) indicative fire behaviour and weather; (2) prescribed burn implications; (3) fire suppression and containment implications (difficulty to control); and (4) potential consequences and impacts.


About the speaker

Jenn Hollis is a Research Officer/ Fire Behaviour Analyst, Planning Predictive Services from RFS and is currently working with bushfire expert Dr Marta Yebra on various bushfire projects.