Public Seminar - The future of evidence synthesis: an insider perspective

Evidence synthesis (ES) is the process of converting scientific outputs - such as articles, reports and data - into reliable and digestible evidence that can inform management or policy. ES is critical to evidence-informed decision-making in a range of fields from environmental conservation to medicine; but ES projects can be particularly time-consuming and resource-intensive.

In this talk, Dr. Vivian Welch will describe how the two largest ES-focussed organizations (Cochrane and the Campbell Collaboration) are addressing the challenges of timeliness and relevance. Using recent examples, Dr Welch will show how her team are working to increase their engagement with stakeholders, and restructuring processes for the collection and sharing of data to facilitate transparency and replication. These examples have important implications for how scientific evidence will be used in future by researchers, decision-makers and funders.

The seminar will be followed by light refreshments.

About the speaker

Dr. Vivian Welch is an associate professor at the School of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa and scientist at the Bruyère Research Institute. In addition to her role as co-convenor of the Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods Group (2011-), she is co-director of Cochrane Global Ageing. She is a clinical epidemiology methodologist and population health specialist who leads methodological research on how to improve the assessment of considerations of health equity and social determinants of health in systematic reviews, guidelines and other evaluative research. She also leads systematic reviews and evidence and gap maps in global health in collaboration with practitioners and decision-makers.