Public Seminar - Global satellite-based measurement of river and reservoir dynamics

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About this seminar:

This seminar will discuss research into how satellite remote sensing technology can be used toimprove the monitoring capacity of rivers and reservoirs as they change from the effects of climate change and human use of natural resources. As part of this study to develop a global monitoring capacity, the researcher will propose new approaches to estimate river discharge, river morphology, and lake (reservoir) storage based on remote sensing data.

About the speaker:

Jiawei Hou is a current PhD candidate at the ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society. He received his Bachelor’s (2013) and Master’s (2016) Degrees in hydrology and hydrogeology in Jilin University, China. His research interest is to develop automated approaches to measure long-term dynamics in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and wetlands from satellite observations, aiming to construct a global satellite-based near real-time water monitoring system.