Public Seminar - Plantation establishment: landscape transformation and woodland biodiversity impacts

Landscapes worldwide are subject to multiple conversions – for example from woodlands to cleared landscapes to pine plantations and then urban settlements.

Yet despite dramatic changes, biodiversity responses to multiple transformations is very poorly documented and understood. A major landscape experiment run by the Fenner School of Environment & Society has been underway since 1997 on how biodiversity responds to multiple conversions in land cover. This seminar highlights some of the novel and highly unexpected responses of biodiversity to these changes.

This seminar will be held both in person on campus, and via a Zoom webinar.


About the speaker

Professor David Lindenmayer is a world-leading expert in forest ecology and resource management, conservation science, and biodiversity conservation.

He currently runs 5 large-scale, long-term research programs in south-eastern Australia, primarily associated with developing ways to conserve biodiversity in farmland, wood production forests, plantations, and reserves. He has maintained some of the largest, long-term research programs in Australia, with some exceeding 37 years in duration.

David Lindenmayer has published 1350 scientific articles including 840peer-reviewed papers in international scientific journals. He has also published 48 books, including many award winning textbooks and other seminal books. He is among the world's most productive and most highly-cited scientists, particularly in forest ecology and conservation biology.