Public Seminar - Sustaining diverse and just futures: Insights from the Biodiversity Revisited Initiative

Decades of research and policy interventions have insufficiently addressed the dual issues of biodiversity degradation and social justice. With the persistence of major structural challenges that continue to threaten the biosphere and its human inhabitants, the Biodiversity Revisited Initiative asked whether or not the concept of ‘biodiversity’ itself – and the science and policy that surround it – are sufficiently compelling to halt the degradation of life on Earth.

This seminar will present the process and findings of an intensive international collaborative process that engaged a diversity of cultures and disciplinary experts working in science, social science, policy, and conservation planning.

The two-year Initiative critically reflected on the concepts, research, policies and practices underpinning biodiversity conservation, resulting in a research and action agenda that seeks to catalyse future work that contributes to sustaining just and diverse futures for life on Earth. The Initiative was coordinated by the Luc Hoffmann Institute, in collaboration with WWF, Future Earth, ETH Zürich Department of Environmental Systems Science, University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute and the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research at University College London.

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About the Speaker

Dr Carina Wyborn is an interdisciplinary social scientist with background in science and technology studies, and human ecology. She works at the intersection of science, policy, and practice, where she is interested in understanding how decisions are made in complex and contested environmental management challenges. Carina is particularly interested in the capacities that enable future-oriented decision making, and the methods and practice that are used to support decision-making in the context of uncertainty.

After completing her PhD at the ANU in 2012, Carina has worked internationally, in the United States, Colombia and Switzerland, working with government and non-government organisations on climate adaptation, wildfire governance, and biodiversity conservation. Carina holds an ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award, which involves research on foresight practices and anticipatory governance to identify methods that enable stakeholders to negotiate shared pathways for action in water reform in the Murray Darling Basin.