Seminar - Groundwater resilience to climate change and climate variability

The strategic importance of groundwater is increasing under a changing climate as groundwater provides a more reliable water resource in sustaining both socio-economic systems and terrestrial ecosystems. However, groundwater has been declining in many regions around the world due to increasing water demand and a changing climate.

For sustainable groundwater management like that suggested in the Australian National Groundwater Strategic Framework, it is one of the essential but challenging hydrogeological missions to assess the resilience of groundwater and its response to climate change and variability. In this research, the resilience of groundwater has been investigated integrally considering the dynamics of groundwater fluxes and stores. By blending process-based hydrological models and statistical models, the dominant climate factors controlling the dynamics of groundwater recharge, discharge and storage were identified and the resilience of groundwater to climate change was evaluated. Uncertainties arising from model structure and parameterization were quantified.

The findings of the research improve our understanding about the groundwater impact of climate change and could contribute to the development of adaption strategies like conjunctive water use as proposed in the National Water Initiative.

Presented by Ruirui Zhu.


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