Sophia in the Anthropocene: An Earth Ethic for our time

I accept the Anthropocene as the epoch in Earth’s natural history in which this enquiry takes place.

The enquiry looks at how Humanity might change in order to live within the natural limits of our planet. Recognising that the logic, ethics and practices of the Holocene can no longer be sustained, it searches for a new way for human beings to be in the world and a reconstruction of Science, Economics and Law for the Anthropocene. The following question directs the enquiry: Is there a common and enduring logic and set of ethical principles that could guide new thinking in the Anthropocene and support an Earth Ethic?

This event is free and open to the public.


About the Speaker

Di Dibley is an environmental lawyer with a long history of work in environmental policy and advocacy. She has held a number of senior executive positions including National Policy Director Environment & Energy, for the Australian Industry Group and National Policy Director for Greening Australia. She has been a member of a number of high level bodies including an Advisory Group to the Australian Centre of Environmental Law (ANU) and the NSW Ministerial Advisory Group on Environmental Education. She is currently on the Board of the Frank Fenner Foundation.