Workshop: Developing Personal Care & Maintenance Frameworks

This is an event created for Fenner students, academics, researchers and professional staff, to check in with how you are and build personal resources to support your mental health and wellbeing.

A combination of fires, hail, and pandemic have disrupted research, learning, and teaching routines at Fenner. As a school, many of the traditional ways we have connected and checked in have been fundamentally altered for a substantial portion of 2020. It’s never been more important to have tools in place to take care of mental health and wellbeing, and implement plans and strategies to sustainably recognise stress and overwhelm, and be kind to ourselves, as we return to campus slowly and continue to negotiate the various impacts of the world in and on our work.

This workshop has been designed for the entire Fenner community, to provide tools for stress-recognition and alleviation, solidarity, reflection, taking stock, and personal planning. The workshop will include a talk from Mark Gleeson, Advisor to Staff from ANU Counselling. Subsequently, Mark will host a series of questions you will have independent time to reflect on, and finally, there will be a confidential Q&A session, wherein the event host will anonymously pass on questions from the cohort, to Mark, for him to answer with the group.

Zoom call session information will be sent out to all RSVPs on Tuesday morning prior to the event.

About the Presenter
Mark Gleeson is a Registered Psychologist (B Psych, B App Sc (PE), Grad Dip Ed, Dip Clinical Hypnosis, M Management) and Advisor to Staff at ANU.

Mark is a psychologist with a wide range of experience in student counselling, performance psychology in Sport and Theatre arts and Career Management and Transition. Mark utilises a variety of therapeutic, experiential and solution focused modalities to match the current experiences and requirements of each client.