Fenner in the news - Transforming the typical Australian farm dam into an ecological 'wonderland'

2 May 2021

Trudi Refshauge's property at Wyangala, in Central West New South Wales, was once described as a "moonscape", but today it is a refuge for birds, reptiles and insects. 

The transformation began with the Sustainable Farms project run by the Australian National University, which looked into the far-reaching benefits of improving the biodiversity around dams on farms. 

Ms Refshauge fenced off the livestock, planted an array of native trees, shrubs and reeds, and built an island for frogs in the middle of the dam.

"It's a native wonderland and nature has taken care of a lot of it," Ms Refshauge said.

"We've got the most gorgeous local eucalyptus trees, little native birds are nesting around it, we've got turtles in the dam and even native ducks."


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