What is agricultural innovation?

What are the challenges we face when it comes to feeding the worlds population in a changing climate and complex global system?


Globally agriculture will need to feed over nine billion people by 2050. With a changing climate and increasing competition for land, water and energy resources, the agricultural sector will need to find innovative ways to do more with less.

We have the technology and networks to build a sustainable future for everyone - but agriculture needs foward thinking innovators like you to address the unfolding challenges of the 21st century.

If you’re looking to develop your career in an agricultural organisation, or you can see a gap in your agricultural industry that needs addressing, the Australian National University wants to enable your specialist interest, knowledge, and skills, to doing agriculture differently.

ANU has established a Masters program, as well as offering coursework options for Undergraduate and Masters students - and is gearing up to offer tailored professorial courses for organisations seeking to enhance their staff capabilities in global food system innovation.


Master of Science in Agricultural Innovation

You will learn from world-leading experts from across ANU, industry and research partners. The hands on learning will include research and technology that cuts across traditional discipline boundaries to address industry challenges. Your cognate discipline is welcomed to the program, for its through this knowledge that you will learn to apply your existing knowledge to the agricultural sector.

Working in multidisciplinary teams on industry projects, graduates will translate research and theory into real-world outcomes, gaining industry relevant skills and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by industry.


How industry can get involved

Working with industry is crucial if we are to develop future-ready graduates - and bringing knowledge from industry, the shed, or field - is the next vital step.

A pillar of the Masters is that students work with a rich community of researchers, industry partners, policy specialists and producers as part of their education. Courses are co-taught with industry professionals, and include joint-internships and real-world multi-disciplinary projects, so that learning is about meaningfully addressing the industry’s big issues.

The program is just a first step in an exciting suite of activities ANU is developing to strengthen the future of Australian agriculture and we invite you to become part of this exciting new venture.

Interested? Find out more and apply now!