Dr Bruce Doran

BSc(Hons)(ANU), PhD(ANU)
Senior Lecturer
Convener of Honours

Most of Dr Bruce Doran's research is focused on the social applications of GIS, particularly in the areas of (a) the impact of commercial gambling at a community level, (b) mapping fear of crime and (c) developing mapping approaches for Native Title decision making.

At the moment, he is working with colleagues from Southern Cross University (Associate Professor Martin Young) and Fenner School PhD student (Francis Markham) on an NT Government Funded research project entitled "Mapping Problem Gambling in the Northern Territory".

Despite remote areas being well provisioned with Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs), and the fact that pubs and clubs are important foci for outback towns, the impact of EGMs in remote areas is very poorly understood. The primary aim of the project is to examine the relationships between poker machine venues, the communities that support them and levels of associated social harm across northern Australia.

Dr Doran has an ongoing partnership with the Yawuru people, the traditional owners of country in and around Broome, Western Australia. The partnership focuses on developing practical uses of GIS to support Native Title decision making.

In 2016, Dean Mathews (Fenner School Visiting Fellow and Yawuru man) and Dr Doran received the ANU Vice Chancellor's Award for Indigenous Education.

    Research interests

    • Urban Sociology And Community Studies
    • Social And Cultural Geography
    • Causes And Prevention Of Crime
    • Human Geography
    • Urban And Regional Planning.
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      • "GIS and Spatial Analysis" (EVNS2015/6015) provides a theoretical background to the area as well as a practical basis for using GIS to assist in decision making.
      • "Solving Complex Environmental Problems" (ENVS3040/6025), co-taught with Dr Lorrae van Kerkhoff, exposes continuing students to a challenging range of current biophysical and urban problems.
      • "Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS" (ENVS3019/6319), co-taught with Professor Albert Van Dijk, biennial format.
      • "Honours Research Skills" (ENVS4001) taught in both semesters for Fenner School Honours students.