Ms Bronwyn Wilkes

Associate Lecturer

Bronwyn’s research looks at transitions to a biosensitive society – one that is in tune with, sensitive to and respectful of the life processes on which we depend. Her current focus is on food provisioning systems that have potential to support enhanced biosensitivity, with benefits for human and ecosystem health.

Using case studies of exchange models that feature short-supply chains, such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Bronwyn’s current project aims to understand how, and for whom, participation in such systems could influence change in practices, values, and wellbeing, for both producers and consumers. Further, it seeks to elucidate the lived experiences of participants, in terms of the barriers, enablers, costs and benefits of participating in CSA-based exchange in Australia, as well as the processes of transition that are involved, particularly how people reconfigure their expectations of consumption, livelihood and what it means to live well.