Dr David Johnson

Honorary Lecturer

I grew up on a sheep farm in rural NSW and for the past 25+ years have lived on a bush property in the southern tablelands of NSW. I have been interested in our natural environment all my life, although professionally I worked in several vocations prior to starting formal environmental studies at ANU. I taught maths and computing at highschool and college level and later worked in a variety of roles within the IT industry.

I completed my Master of Environment (Research) in 2012 and I was awarded a PhD in grassland ecology in December 2018. University studies have given me a deep understanding of grasslands and general ecology and research methods, data analysis and writing. My general goal is to continue contributing to scientific research to increase our understanding of natural ecosystems and how we should manage earth's resources and biodiversity.

My main research area is grassland ecology with a focus on forb diversity. My aim is to understand the drivers of grassland diversity and the threats, and the barriers to restoration, so that I can provide science-based practical advice for grassland managers and restoration practitioners.

Research interests

Grassland ecology

Forb diversity

Grassland management

Environmental conservation

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  • Johnson, D, Catford, J, Driscoll, D et al. 2018, 'Seed addition and biomass removal key to restoring native forbs in degraded temperate grassland', Applied Vegetation Science, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 219-228pp.