Dr John Leys

Honorary Associate Professor

John Leys has a PhD from Griffith University in wind erosion processes, has published 80 papers and book chapters and holds the positions of:

  • Visiting Scientist CSIRO
  • Honorary Scientific Research Fellow, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

John started his career with the New South Wales public sector with the Soil Conservation Service of New South Wales in 1981. Since then, he has worked with various natural resource management agencies with the aim of improving agricultural land management practices that reduce soil erosion and dust storms. He was awarded the New South Wales Science and Engineering award for innovation in the public-sector science and engineering for his work on Community DustWatch.

John founded DustWatch in 2002 with the aim monitoring and reporting the causes of wind erosion and dust levels across eastern Australia. DustWatch is a collaborative project that works with universities, CSIRO, natural resource management agencies and the community to increase to knowledge on the causes and control of wind erosion.

Research interests

My areas of research interest include:

  • wind erosion processes and dust storm monitoring
  • and management practice impact and monitoring
  • remote sensing of dust and ground cover and its management
  • social research into how science can be better used
  • how cultural science can improve our land management practices