Dr Katherina Ng

PhD (Environment, ANU)
Visiting Fellow

Kat completed her PhD in the ANU Fenner School, where she compared the spatial and temporal distribution patterns of ground-dwelling beetle assemblages (Coleoptera) across a fragmented mixed-cropping landscape in the NSW Lachlan Catchment region. Findings from her study show that farmlands provide important habitat for a large proportion of beetle species. Her collaborative PhD research was supported by Central Tablelands LLS; and her supervisors were Prof Don Driscoll (Deakin Uni), Prof David Lindenmayer, Dr Philip Barton (Fenner ANU), Dr Sarina Macfadyen and Dr Sue McIntyre (CSIRO). Previously, she studied inter-seasonal differences when monitoring grazing responses, and factors affecting the detectability of weeds in grassy box-gum woodlands as part of a Master of Environment degree at the Fenner School.

Kat is currently an honorary lecturer in Fenner School of Environment and Society. She has a diverse, multidisciplinary research interests that include invasive species, biosecurity, insect ecology, data science and applied natural resource management.

Research interests

Biodiversity and conservation

Community ecology

Insect ecology

Invasive species

Landscape ecology

Vegetation ecology