Dr Mark Lonsdale

BSc Hons, PhD
Honorary Professor

2019 - present: Member, Ecosystem Science Council

2018 - present: Honorary professor, Fenner School of Environment and Society

2014-2017: Hon Fellow, Monash University, Melbourne

2013-14: CSIRO Biodiversity Portfolio Director

2010-2013: Chief of Division of CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

2007-2010: Chief of Division, CSIRO Entomology

1999-2007: Senior management, CSIRO Entomology

1995-1998: Officer in Charge, CSIRO European Laboratory, Montpellier, France

1984-1995: Ecologist, CSIRO Entomology, Darwin

1981-1983: Lecturer, Federal University of Technology, Bauchi, Nigeria

1982: PhD University of East Anglia, UK

1978: BSc Hons Biology, University of Manchester, UK

Research interests

Invasive species

Risk assessment

Refereed scientific publications

(From the most recent; * indicates papers cited 10 or more times in Google Scholar; **papers cited 30 or more times; ***papers cited 100 or more times; ****papers cited 300 or more times; *****papers cited 1000 or more times).

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Key reports

  • IPBES 2015. Scoping report for an assessment on invasive alien species. Co-chaired and written by W.M. Lonsdale and J-B. Mikissa.  Downloadable as Annex I to decision IPBES-4/1 from the IPBES website (verified 29 October 2017).
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