Mr David Blair

BSc (Forestry)
Research Officer

Dave Blair grew up on a farm in north-east Victoria.  He completed Forest Science at Melbourne University going on to work as an environmental consultant, writer and photographer. He spent a year in Canada and another in the rainforests of Indonesia before returning to Victoria where he specialised in native vegetation, weed and wildfire management, consulting for local government and private landholders.  In 2009, following the Black Saturday bushfires, he began working for the Australian National University as a field ecologist.  In addition to working full time, Dave is currently doing further studies on post fire and post logging vegetation recovery.  He was also part of the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) standards development group that wrote the national standard for Australia, completed in 2018.  Dave lives in Healesville, Victoria, near the Mountain Ash forests he studies.

You can read more about Dave and his research at