Inez Harker-Schuch

PhD Student

Research interests

Science, climate science, climate science communication, climate literacy, new and digital media, serious game development, environmental science literacy

PhD focus: Climate literacy using new media

This research aims to improve the understanding of climate change amongst early adolescents using digital tools (3D interactive serious gaming). Since overcoming worldview influence (socio-political/-cultural worldview) is an ongoing challenge for science commmuncators - particularly those specialised in climate change communucation - this research investigates the suitability of a new target (early adolescence) and delivery mode (digital tools) to improve specific climate science understanding as an avenue for overcoming worldview influences.

Online gaming pedagogies and serious gaming frameworks

Aside from investigating climate literacy in early adolescence, this project looks at developing new online learning methodologies and frameworks for serious gaming.  This work involves developing, creating and testing serious games aimed at improving climate literacy in the general public.

Opinions and Knowledge about Climate Change Science in High School Students; AMBIO, 2013 DOI - 10.1007/s13280-013-0388-4

A pedagogical design pattern framework for sharing experiences and enhancing communities of practice within online and blended learning; Læring og Medier (LOM), 2016

Understanding the dynamics of online learning communities; experiences from three university courses; Læring og Medier (LOM), 2016

The Use of Videos in Teaching - Some Experiences from the University of Copenhagen; Læring og Medier (LOM), 2016

Facilitating online project collaboration - new directions for learning design; Læring og Medier (LOM), 2016



Why we're building a climate change game for 12 year olds, The Conversation, 2017

Interactive game developed by ANU designed to teach kids about climate science, ABC News, 2017

This game takes you to other planets to teach you about our own, Yale Climate Connections (US), 2017

University of Copenhagen

2012-2016 MSc level course: 'Environmental Management in Europe' online course
Topics: Environmental economics, policy and legal framework from the member state to the EU level

2016-2018 MSc level course: 'Climate Change, impacts, adaptation and mitigation' online course
Topics: Climate Change Science Basics at MSc level, Climate change and human behaviour, Climate Science communication

Earth’s People

2007 – present Teaching Environmental Science and Climate change topics in English and German (Austria, Denmark, Australia) in schools and to adults.
Topics: Climate change, water chemistry, pollution and our world, ecosystems and biodiversity, survival in nature, caring for nature, water management and sewage treatment.