Mr Solichin Manuri

MSc (Forestry) Albert-Ludwig Freiburg Uni Germany
PhD Student

Solichin is a forester, graduating from the faculty of forestry, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia (1997) and Albert-Ludwid Freiburg University, Germany (2002). He has worked with several international forestry projects in Indonesia, including German International Cooperation (GIZ) and the European Union (EU). He managed field implementation on forest planning for sustainable forest management, development of forest fire information system using remote sensing and GIS and forest carbon monitoring system. His interest in improving measurement and monitoring system for REDD+ in tropical forests of Indonesia lead him to do a PhD. With the support from the Australian Award Scholarship he entered the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the ANU in 2013.



Research interests

Thesis Title Enhanced Systems for measuring and monitoring REDD+: opportunities to improve the accuracy of emission and REL calculations

Anitha, K., Verchot, L.V., Joseph, S., Herold, M., Manuri, S., & Avitabile, V. (2015). A review of forest and tree plantation biomass equations in Indonesia. Annals of forest science, 1-17

Manuri, S., Brack, C., Nugroho, N.P., Hergoualc’h, K., Novita, N., Dotzauer, H., Verchot, L., Putra, C.A.S., & Widyasari, E. (2014). Tree biomass equations for tropical peat swamp forest ecosystems in Indonesia. Forest Ecology and Management, 334, 241-253

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