Ms Donna Belder

BSc(Hons) (Adelaide)
PhD Student

I am an ecologist with a passion for wildlife and conservation biology. My key areas of interest are ornithology (birds) and restoration ecology; the effects of widespread habitat loss and degradation in Australia, particularly on woodland birds, are deeply concerning to me. I am eager to contribute to research that will improve our understanding of how to manage and restore woodland habitat in Australia.

After completing an Honours degree of Bachelor of Science in 2013, I spent a year undertaking various ecology-related volunteer and casual work positions. I became interested in the breeding biology of birds while participating in an 8-week expedition to Papua New Guinea, where I studied the nesting ecology of endemic robin species. I commenced a PhD project at the Fenner School of Environment and Society in 2015, under the supervision of David Lindenmayer.

My PhD research focuses on the breeding success and site fidelity of woodland birds in restoration plantings in the South-west Slopes Bioregion of NSW. The primary aim is to understand whether restoration plantings can support resident, breeding populations of woodland birds – particularly species of conservation concern.