Nadeem Samnakay

B.Bus (Agriculture), MSc (Natural Resource Management)
PhD Student

Nadeem is currently working on the development of water reform policies in the Murray-Darling Basin. He has worked extensively in natural resource and land-use management policies for over 20 years. He has worked at local, state, federal and international policy arenas on the implementation and design of environment and NRM policies. His career spans the managing and shaping of research and policy programs in relation to water resource management, vegetation, land-use management and nature conservation.

Nadeem is a part-time PhD scholar at the Fenner School of Environment and Society where he is drawing upon his policy implementation experiences to better understand the design and evaluation of strategic policies such as the National Water Initiative, Regional Forest Agreements and Landcare programs. The end point being to better inform environment and sustainability policies

Research interests

Thesis title

Improving sustainability policy through an exploration of strategic policies

Thesis description

Strategic policies are typically principals based, cross-sectoral and national in scope. Strategic policies have been developed in Australia in relation to water resources management, climate change, forest management and rural and regional development with implications for the environment and sustainability objectives. Policies are usually implemented through numerous lower-order 'subsidiary' policies. My research aims to clarify the attributes of strategic policy and will develop a strategic policy framework to inform the development and evaluation of strategic policies.

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