Peter Jupp

B App Sc (Comm Eng), MBA
PhD Student

I first developed skills in research as the Advanced Projects Manager for Tracor Applied Sciences in the United States. My role involved the management of research and development with a task of developing new products. I was fortunate to develop products that were sold internationally.

I later founded a company to develop a new technology. After selling the company, it was time to write a book about health and the environment. I felt that I needed assistance and collaboration with my on-going research and I am grateful to ANU for accepting my PhD research proposal. I am hopeful that my research concerning energy and health will be useful and can perhaps make a difference.

My interests include music particularly playing jazz on piano. I have been honoured to have been able to entertain the troops in the field.


Research interests

Thesis title

Complexity Energy and Human Health

Thesis description

My research considers the escalating human health problem that is due to the way humans deal with energy in the body. The research is conducted from the standpoint that modern humans live in a complex situation in relation to energy and health that involves human biology, social influences, governance and the food and energy industries. These variables form a complex dynamic system with multiple unpredictable interactions that show up as health issues including obesity and cancer. The thesis considers this complexity in seeking to understand the health problems related to energy and seeks to identify possible interventions.

The research questions posed are:

•          Is human energy balance complex in terms of complexity theory?

•          Is obesity and related human health problems emergent properties of the complexity associated with energy and energy balance?

•          What interventions might be useful in mitigating adverse effects?

A complex systems approach to cancer prevention. Medical Hypothesis 112 (2018) 18-23