Dr Andrew MacKenzie

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Professional Appointments

2016- Honorary Senior Lecturer and research Fellow ANU Fenner School

2014-2016 Head of Discipline - Design and Architecture University of Canberra

2013-2014 Course director for bachelor of Design (majors in Landscape Architecture, Industrial design, Interior Architecture- University of Canberra

2010-2018 Senior Lecturer Landscape Architecture, University of Canberra

2003-2009 Lecturer Landscape Architecture University of Canberra

2002-2003 Landscape Architect JEA and associates

2001-2002 Teacher Landscape design and construction Canberra Institute of Technology Horticulture College

1989-2001 Managing Director MacKenzie Landscapes Pty Ltd

2006 - Registered landscape architect Australian Institute of Landscape Architects no. 01393

Research interests

Re-covering suburbia: an investigation into the redevelopment process in a Canberra suburb and its consequences for the configuration of the suburban landscape.

Recovering suburbia explores the social and cultural forces that contributed to this profound and rapid physical reconfiguration of the suburb and investigates the communities’ changing relationship to living in landscape. This qualitative study focuses on respondents’ recollection and reflections on the rebuilding of the Canberra suburb of Duffy after the 2003 fires and their perceptions of, and connections to the suburb as it changed over time. This project will use in depth interviews to engage respondents in discussion about the nature of the changes to the suburb resulting from the fire and subsequent redevelopment. The object of this investigation is to uncover narratives of recovery, change and renewal in and through planners, architects, designers as well as residents’ stories. In doing so I wish to discover how and why human and non-human events and actions became agents for this change.

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