Dr Graeme Worboys, AM

PhD; MAppSci; BSc;
Honorary Associate Professor

Graeme is a protected area and World Heritage specialist with 47 years’ experience and has worked extensively nationally and internationally. He is the lead editor of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) World Commission on Protected Area’s (WCPA) acclaimed Protected Area Governance and Management compendium text book published in 2015 by ANU Press. In March 2020, it had received 100,000 downloads in 87 countries, it had been translated by IUCN to Spanish (2019) and was being translated to French (2020).

Together with Deirdre Slattery, Graeme is co-author of Kosciuszko: A Great National Park published by Envirobook in 2020. He provides annual lectures to students at ANU and supports post-graduate researchers with their work. On behalf of the Fenner School and together with the Australian Academy of Science, he facilitated the Feral Horse Impacts: The Kosciuszko Science Conference on the 8th November 2018 held at the Shine Dome, Canberra.

In 2016 Graeme was the recipient of IUCN WCPA’s Fred M. Packard’s International Parks Merit Award for outstanding service in furthering the objectives of protected areas for society and was appointed as a member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2020 for his outstanding service to conservation and the community.

Selected Publications

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Worboys, G.L. and Pulsford, I. (2014) ‘Chapter 21, Protected Areas’ in (eds) Lindenmayer, D., Dovers, S. and Morton, S. Ten Commitments Revisited, Securing Australia’s Future Environment, CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne

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