Dr Katrina Proust

BA, LLB, MLitt (Syd), PhD (ANU)
Honorary Senior Lecturer

Originally an historical archaeologist, I study the historical factors and the feedback dynamics that shape relationships between humans and our environment. With Barry Newell I have developed Collaborative Conceptual Modelling, an approach which provides a conceptual framework to support studies of social-ecological systems. I am interested in the interconnected systems that characterise relationships between human health and the environment in urban settings.

Research interests

  • Complex human-environment systems
  • The dynamics of urban health systems in a changing environment
  • Urban issues in the Asia-Pacific region affecting population health
  • Development of Collaborative Conceptual Modelling (CCM) with Dr Barry Newell (FSES)
  • Environmental and applied history
  • Systems thinking
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I am interested in supervising student projects which apply systems thinking to complex human-environment issues and relationships, including projects on urban health, and in the coastal zone of the NSW far south coast