Dr Luciana Porfirio

Visiting Fellow

Luciana is a visiting fellow at the Australian National University (ANU) and at the CSIRO Climate Science Centre. At CSIRO she monitored pastures productivity and investigated the socio-economic impacts of climate change on agricultural production and the subsequent impact on global markets. Luciana used the CSIRO Global Integrated Assessment Model to project the economy to the future following different carbon emissions pathways. Her work provided a framework for understanding, for example, the influence of climate on agriculture and the economy and for informing judgments about the value of different options for dealing with climate change. Luciana's work is relevant in the context of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Previous to CSIRO, in 2011 Luciana became a postdoctoral fellow in the Landscapes and Policy hub, as part of the National Environmental Research Program. Luciana was based at the ANU and was part of the Bioregional Futures team that applied a range of tools and techniques to study characteristics of landscape ecosystems and the patterns of diversity under scenarios of natural and human-induced change.

Back in 2006 Luciana moved to Australia where she worked as a research assistant of Professor Brendan Mackey at the Australian National University. The same year she obtained a PhD scholarship from the ANU to develop spatial models for the quantification of ecosystem services across the Australian Capital Region under the supervision of Professors Will Steffen, Mike Hutchinson and Brendan Mackey at the Fenner School of Environment & Society.

Research interests

  • Agricultural systems and future climates
  • Food security
  • Machine learning
  • PhD thesis: Spatial models for the quantification of ecosystem services across the Australian Capital Region (2013)
  • Human impact on ecological process
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Spatial ecological models
  • Spatial statistics
  • Interdisciplinary research
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April 2014

Guest lecturer in Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology, ANU. Convener Dr. Ceridwen Fraser

Jul 2012, 2013, 2014

Tutor in Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation, ANU. Convener: Dr. James Pittock

Jul to Nov 2008

Tutor in third year class at ANU: Course of Environmental Biogeography. Professor Brendan Mackey.

Jul to Nov 2008

Graduate Teaching Program: a program of teaching support and development for PhD student tutors and demonstrators at the ANU. Supervisor: Trevor Vickers.


Lecturer: Department of Ecology, School of Agronomy Univ. of Buenos Aires. Seminar on “Landscape structure characterization in the rural – urban gradient in the City of Montevideo (Uruguay)”.


Lecturer: Department of Geography, School of Architecture, Univ. of Buenos Aires. Seminar on “Planning and design in a social conflict area in the Villa Pueyrredón Train Station, Buenos Aires (Argentina)”.


Teaching Assistant: Department of Landscape Design and Planning, School of Architecture, Univ. of Buenos Aires. Taught “Introduction to landscape planning” to undergraduates. Advisor: G. Nízzero.