Dr Matthew Colloff

BSc (Joint Hons., Bristol), PhD (Glasgow)
Visiting Fellow

Matt started his career with a PhD in medical entomology in 1985 at the University of Glasgow, followed by postdoctoral research on the immunology and epidemiology of allergic diseases. Matt moved to Australia in 1994 to pursue a research career with CSIRO on soil biodiversity and ecosystem function. In 2007 Matt commenced research on the ecology and management of floodplains and wetlands, with an emphasis on the water resources of the Murray-Darling Basin. In 2012 he shifted his focus towards adaptation to research on changing the ways that people think and act on adaptation to climate change, particularly on adaptation pathways and services and the interaction between values, rules and knowledge in adaptation decision making. Matt is an accredited Executive Coach.

Research interests

Dr Matt Colloff is an ecologist and taxonomist by training, a founder member of the Transformative Adaptation Research Alliance (TARA https://research.csiro.au/tara/) and formerly Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Land and Water. His current research is integration science to underpin conservation, natural resource management and adaptation to climate change.

Areas of expertise

Environmental Science, Management and Policy

Adaptation to climate change

Ecosystem ecology

Functional ecology of floodplains and wetlands

Integration science and decision making

Systematics and biogeography

Conservation science

Coaching and mentoring

Full publication list.

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