Dr Viveka Hocking

PhD Env, BDes Hons
Honorary Lecturer

Dr Viveka Turnbull Hocking’s work looks at design-led approaches to research. Her research has included design for cross-species cohabitation, social innovation and sustainability. Her design-led approach to research engages with cross-disciplinary conversations and collaborations through the area of design and the built environment. Viveka researches through the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University where she also convenes the Untaming the Urban Symposium.


Research interests

  • Design for Cross-Species Co-habitation
  • Design for Social Innovation towards Sustainability
  • Design-led Research, Methodology and Methods (including Co-Design, Co-Creation, Cultural Probes, Design Oriented Scenarios, Game Formats, etc.)
  • Design Thinking and Processes
  • Creative Practice and Cultural Production
  • Design Intervention, Enabling Design and Design Activism
  • Design Theory

Book chapters

Hocking, V.T. & A. MacKenzie (2016) A Design-Led Approach for Enabling Collective Imagining of Sustainable Urban Futures. In: R. Leshinsky & C. Legacy (Ed.) Instruments of Planning: Tensions and Callenges for More Equitable and Sustainable Cities (pp. 105-116). New York: Routledge

Hocking, V.T. (2011) An Ecology for Design: From the Natural, Through the Artificial, To the Un-Natural. In L. Graham (Ed.) Sustainability Research by Designers: An Anthology. Champaign, Ill: Common Ground

Hocking, V. T. (2010). Designerly Ways of Knowing: What Does Design Have to Offer? In V. Brown, J. A. Harris & J. Y. Russell (Eds.), Tackling Wicked Problems : Through the Transdisciplinary Imagination (pp. 242-250). London: Earthscan.f

Journal articles

Hocking, V.T., V.A. Brown & J.A. Harris (2015) Tackling Wicked Problems Through Collective Design, Intelligent Buildings International, 8:1, 24-36, From http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17508975.2015.1058743

Hocking, V. T. (2009a). Design With a Thousand Faces: Design-Led Methods for the Social Science Research Community. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 4(3), 1-16.

Hocking, V. T. (2009b). An Ecology for Design: From the Natural, Through the Artificial, To the Un-Natural. Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, 3(1), 41-54.

Conference papers

Hocking, V.T. (2015, Dec 9-11). Home Habitat Habitus: Design for cross-species cohabitation, Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities Conference, Gold Coast, Australia.

Hocking, V.T. (2013, Nov 27-29). The Wicked Muse: Partnering Creative Practice, Local Communities and Sustainability, Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities Conference, Sydney, Australia. From http://www.fusion-journal.com/issue/003-fusion-the-studio/

Hocking, V.T., Kunz H. & Quinn M. (2013, May 12-13). The Muse, the Wicked and the Wayfinder: The role of creative and cultural practices in imagining sustainable change, Paper presented at the Eco Arts Conference, Wollongong, Australia

Hocking, V.T. (2011, Nov 29- 2 Dec ). Designing Sustainable Urban Futures: Presenting a Design-led Methodology for Sustainability Research. Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities Conference, Melbourne, Australia. From http://soac.fbe.unsw.edu.au/2011/papers/SOAC2011_0097_final(1).pdf

Hocking, V. T. (2009, November 12-14). Enabling Design for Sustainable Futures: Design-led research and research-led design. Paper presented at the Cumulus conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Hocking, V. T. (2009, November 18-19). A Design Approach to Thesis Writing: finding the style, structure and context in design, Paper presented at Art Design Media | Writing Intersections Conference, Melbourne, Australia. In: Melles G. (ed.) Conference Proceedings, http://issuu.com/gavinmelles/docs/amd_2009_fa, pp. 305-314

Hocking, V. T. (2008, July 10-12). Co-Designing a Sustainable Culture of Life: designing research methods for sustainable change. In: Cipolla C. & Pier Paolo Peruccio P. P. (Ed.) Change the Change Conference Proceedings, (pp.9-14). Torino: Allemandi Conference Press, http://www.changingthechange.org/papers/ctc.pdf

Hocking, V. T. (2008, July 16-19). Designing a Travel Guide to the Un-Natural World: Exploring a Design-led Methodology. Paper presented at the Undisciplined a Design Research Society Conference, Sheffield, UK. from http://shura.shu.ac.uk/479/

Hocking, V. T. (2007, April 11-13). An UnNatural World: Designer as Tourist. Paper presented at the 'Dancing with Disorder' European Academy of Design Conference, Izmir, Turkey.

Co-editorial journal special edition

MacKenzie, A. & Hocking, V. T. (2014). The ‘Place’ of the Studio in Contemporary Higher Education. fusion journal, 003. From http://www.fusion-journal.com/issue/003-fusion-the-studio/.