Dr Frank Mills

Senior Fellow

After a decade on a joint appointment at the ANU in the Research School of Physics and Engineering and The Fenner School of Environment and Society, I moved in 2015 to a position solely in The Fenner School and became Associate Director (Undergraduate Coursework and Honours). I am also affiliated with the Space Science Institute in the USA and with the ANU's Planetary Science, Climate Change, and Energy Change Institutes.

I have supervised student research projects in the Astrophysics, Earth Science, Engineering, Environment, and Physics programs.

I currently convene the Honours program in the Fenner School. Previously, I convened and lectured in Thermal and Statistical Physics and have contributed to the Ocean and Atmosphere Modelling, Fundamentals of Climate System Science, and Weather, Climate, and Fire courses. I was a Supporting Investigator for the European Space Agency's Venus Express mission and a member of the International Commission of Planetary Environments and their Evolution (ICPAE) of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS).

Research interests

My principal resarch interests are the transmission of radiation through planetary atmospheres and its impact on atmospheric chemistry. My current research is in three areas: middle atmospheric chemistry on Venus and the Earth, analysis of data and simulations for Australian climate, and solar energy forecasting.

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