Ms Lyn Goldsworthy

Visiting Fellow

Lyn’s  particular focus is  Antarctic conservation, global fisheries management,  and in latter years, strengthening  the nexus between science and policy, and between policy and actions on the ground.  She spent more than 20 years employed with international environment non-government organisations, undertaking various roles including science and policy advisor, program manager and development director, before moving to contracting work focused on policy development and  program reviews.  Since 2014, Lyn has been part-time Executive Director  of the Frank Fenner Foundation, which aims to promote a stronger understanding of the relationship between humans and nature.

As ED of FFF,  lyn oversees a team of volunteer students who are interested in applying their studies in a practical sense,   key projects promoting biosensitive urban framework  practices in collaboration with Ginninderry development and the Victorian government, and education programmes designed to engage youth in implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and biosensitive practices.

Lyn has been actively involved at the policy level in Antarctic issues since 1983,  served on the Australian government Antarctic Science Advisory Committee for two periods of 8 years each, on the Antarctic Medals and Names Committee for 3 years, as a senior advisor to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC), and  has rapporteured  inter-government workshops and the ATCM XXXV and CEP XV (Hobart 2012). She has attended many Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings (ATCMs) as the non-government representative on the Australian delegation since 1985, nine of the 12 ATCM minerals negotiations meetings, one meeting of the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals (CCAS), and several Commission and Scientific Committee Meetings of the (CCAMLR).  

Lyn is also actively engaged in  issues surrounding sustainable fisheries practices at both United Nations, regional fisheries arrangement level,  and to the Australian government.  She participated in the preparation of the DSCC review of the application of UNGA Resolutions by regional fisheries agreements (preparing 2 RFMO reviews and the CCAMLR review), and have represented non-government organisations on the Australian delegation to the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (and during its negotiation) and the South Indian Ocean Fisheries Arrangement.   In 2017 I rapporteured the Scientific Committee and Compliance Committee meetings of the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.

Lyn was awarded the Order of Australia (Member) for services to conservation and environment in 1991, and the New Zealand Antarctic Conservation Trophy in 1990.




Research interests

Understanding relationship between humans and nature; and development of biosensitve approach  to human activity.

Antarctic conservation, global fisheries management

Nexus between science and policy, and between policy and actions on the ground.  

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