Find out about the ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures are celebrated and reflected through our research and education, and opportunities that are available.

Indigenous Fellowship program

A lecturer speaks to students by a creek on a brick wall.

The Fellowship is open to all First Nations researchers, practitioners, community leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers who want to engage with cross-disciplinary environmental and sustainability research, education and policy-relevant advice.

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Australia culture art with river and tortoise

Indigenous Cultural and Natural Resource Management  »

This course introduces students to fundamental aspects of Indigenous relationships to lands, waters and cultural sites in Australia and internationally.
Prescribed burns

Fire in the Environment  »

This course explores a range of important themes concerning bushfires in Australian and international environments.

Research and Projects

Supporting the re-emergence of cultural burning in box-gum grassy woodlands

Supporting the re-emergence of cultural burning in box-gum grassy woodlands  »

ANU Fenner School ecologists and a cohort of New South Wales Local Aboriginal Land Councils are joining together on a project to re-introduce cultural burning in box-gum grassy woodlands and to monitor the environmental outcomes of the burns.

Mapping for Mob »

The Mapping for Mob team works with Indigenous organisations to deliver Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software training to over 30 Indigenous professionals around Australia.

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